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To all X-TREME Family!👏
Have a chance to win a $100 gift card upon submitting a short video (reel) of yourselves either receiving and/or rendering home care service!
(e.g. socializing in the house or outside, having a meal together, during housekeeping duties, etc.)

Please submit your video along with your information to [email protected] to have a chance to win! The more creative, the higher chance to win!

엑스트림 가족 여러분!

재밌는 영상을 만들어 보내주세요. 선정되신 분들께 $100상당의 기프트 카드를 드립니다.

홈 케어 서비스를 받거나 제공하실 때 우리 회사와 관련된 짧고 재밌는 영상을 만들어 보내주시면 당첨자분께 $100 기프트 카드를 드립니다.
대화하기, 함께 식사하기, 가사 업무 등 일상 중에 재밌는 영상을 휴대폰으로 찍어서 [email protected] 으로 보내주시면 당첨의 기회가 주어집니다! 

창의적이고 재밌을수록 당첨 확률이 높아집니다. 여러분의 많은 참여를 기다립니다!